Transforming Film

M-Centers is a non-profit cinema center based in Los Angeles and Miami.


Educational award winning workshop series which provides high school students with the opportunity to learn about various social issues (such as water conservation, youth violence, and voting) and then work with a filmmaker-mentor on creating inspirational PSAs that express their views on those issues.

As of today we have produce more than 10 programs, combining more than 40 PSA’s, working with High School, Universities, Museums, City’s and community councils. 

Drinking & Drawing

Participate in the creation of a film in just one night!

jam where animators and fans get together to draw and mingle. Groups of animators are called up 10 at a time and each animator receives eight blank note cards, as well as the last card drawn by the animator before them. They have exactly 10 minutes to finish their eight frames. It ends up being a fast-paced musical chairs method of doing an animation. At the end of the night, a short film (about 1 - 2 minutes long) has been created by dozens of jolly animators.

Short Film Productions

Since our very first short film Jessie’s Tracks, awarded “Best of Festival” at the 2010 Santa Monica International Film Festival, Mcenters have nurtured the independent film scene in America, one filmmaker at a time. The Centers have supported more than 20 Shorts in the making, winning awards in countless festivals.


A unique production allowing actors to make their own video monologues, working with a writer, a director and a producer

Mcenters are part of the Miami World Cinema Center, Inc. a Florida 501(c)(3) tax exempt corporation